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Secure IT from the Ground up!

Armournet: Your Shield Against Cyber Threats

Every business needs cybersecurity and data protection. Armournet makes it simple with three fully managed IT Support plans with Security Built-in.


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Managed Cyber Security plans for business

We have developed three core managed cybersecurity service plans for businesses of every size and type. All are customisable to meet your business requirements.

for small non-critical
from £28.95 pm

for small to medium businesses needing extra security
from £38.75 pm

for businesses needing more visibility and control
from £48.75 pm

Foundational Defence

Cyber Security for small non-critical businesses

Every business needs cyber security to safeguard the sensitive information you keep about your employees, suppliers, and customers.

The Foundational Defence cyber security plan actively ensures it filters and protects your email against malicious email links. It secures, monitors, and patches every computer with critical updates. Securely backing up your data provides resilience against ransomware attacks and ensures uninterrupted business operations.

Professional Intelligence

Cyber Security for small to medium businesses needing extra security

Our second cyber security service plan builds upon the Foundational Defence plan. It adds extra layers of defence and increased system visibility.

This plan includes securely configuring your Microsoft 365 Tenancy. It monitors for unusual activity to prevent unauthorised access.

Complete with ransomware protection and ongoing vulnerability scanning reduces the risk of cyberattacks.

Vulnerability scanning

By actively scanning your systems, we gain insight into your information from a would-be hacker’s perspective, enabling us to take the necessary steps to safeguard your valuable business information.

Open service ports on a router, misconfigured desktop PCs, or outdated software all present vulnerabilities that could be exploited to access your systems.

Ransomware Encryption Protection

Offensive Security incorporates Heimdal’s powerful Ransomware Encryption Protection. This groundbreaking signature-free solution actively protects your devices by stopping malicious encryption, reversing the process, and restoring encrypted files to their original state.

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Advanced Email Threat Protection

Clicking a link in an email causes over 90% of cyber attacks, leading to the unwitting installation of malware that damages corporate systems.

“Whaling” emails are phishing emails designed to target CEOs, CFOs, and other key decision-makers. Whaling emails can yield the highest gain for the attackers.

Enterprise Surveillance

Cyber Security for businesses needing more visibility and control

The enterprise plan is designed for larger organisations or those requiring advanced protection. This plan is ideal for remote working and team collaboration. It includes data control management to monitor and prevent unauthorised access, and misuse of sensitive data.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes sure that all users’ mobile devices are compliant, and secure, and can be remotely updated or wiped if stolen. Dark Web monitoring trawls for compromised user accounts and external vulnerability scanning, provide a comprehensive security solution.

Mobile & Unified Endpoint Device Management

As more mobile devices are utilized for business purposes, managing them for security and compliance poses a challenge.

We guarantee encryption of confidential data, enforce passcodes and screen locks, and regulate the usage of all applications on each device.

If a mobile is stolen or confiscated we remotely and selectively erase company-related information. 

Data Protection for Today’s Organizations

Reveal actively protects against insider risk and data breaches by identifying risks, implementing policies, and securing sensitive data across all your platforms.

It analyzes data usage to provide insights, empowering you to decide on the most effective response. Leveraging asset data from Microsoft 365, AWS, Miradore MDM, and various other cloud service providers, Reveal enables proactive protection.


Dark Web Monitoring

The “dark web” or “deep web” refers to internet locations inaccessible to everyday users and not indexed in search engine results. It is a hub where cybercriminals share and distribute stolen personal data acquired through data breaches.

Criminals use these leaked usernames and passwords to get into business systems to steal intellectual property and sensitive data.

Call to discuss the best managed cyber security plan for your business on 01243 696953

Armournet has been supporting small and medium-sized businesses on and around south coast for over 20 years.

IT Support Services

Armournet has supported small and medium-sized businesses on and around the south coast for over 20 years.

Our friendly and experienced team provide remote and on-site support to various industries and professions as your outsourced IT department. Every business is different. We want to understand how you work, your goals, and your objectives, and support your success.

IT Projects

Cloud services offer reliability, and redundancy and help mitigate the risks of managing data. Many businesses have to transition from using an on-premise server to cloud services.

We specialise in cloud migrations and manage the whole process for you.

We supply and fit a range of devices commercial routers, Next-Gen firewalls, switches, wireless access points and video surveillance cameras from the world’s leading brands. 

Our team of experienced structured cabling installers install new or upgrade existing structured cabled networks.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Now that cloud services are becoming the norm, many small businesses have still yet to make the transition from using an on-premise server to the cloud.

Call to discuss the best managed cyber security plan for your business on 01243 696953


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