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Hosted Services

Private Cloud Hosting

Many businesses are reliant on bespoke applications and databases, all of which are fundamental to their daily operations. The majority of organisations typically have a hardware server located at the premises.


Whilst you have full control over these systems, you also have to account for the cost of its overheads. You will also need to budget for regular maintenance and replacement of the hardware, power or internet outages, flood or other occurrences that may prevent data accessibility.


Armournet provides a fully cloud-hosted solution, including orchestrating the migration of your systems into a secure, in a comprehensive services environment.

We provide Microsoft Windows hosted desktops so that you and your team have freedom to work from anywhere. Access your business apps, data, and files at any time, from any device.


Keeping in view the recent world events, more UK small businesses are now relying on home or remote working as the norm. With it comes the problem of security, confidentiality and reliability, putting their teams at risk and reducing the level of control they have over their organisation.


Our Windows-hosted desktop environments come with everything you and your team need to work remotely without IT interruptions or downtime.

  • Easy User Management
  • Daily Data Backups
  • Powerful Security
  • Full GDPR Compliance
  • Full Access Control
  • Zero Downtime
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Secure DNS Management and Website Hosting

Website Design

Website Design and Management
Is your website working for you or against you?

  Is your website showing your business in the best light possible? Is it helping you convert hundreds to thousands of leads into customers? Does it make it easy for people to find what they are looking for and take advantage of the value you are offering?   Here’s how we help you accomplish all that and more:

Boost sales

Working with highly skilled web designers, developers, and writers, we craft websites that are not only modern, friendly and easy-to-use, but also boost your business’s reputation, search engine visibility and sales.
We can help you choose a befitting domain name and host that domain as well for a very competitive annual fee.

Leading social media management

Need to tweak and optimise your social media campaigns for maximum ROI? Or, perhaps, publish blog posts and other valuable content on your social feeds to position yourself as an expert?
Our social media marketing specialists are on- hand to guide you every step of the way.

Improve SEO

The process of search engine optimisation is just as important to a website’s success as the underlying design and UI/UX elements. Our in-house SEO experts are fully in-tune with the latest white hat, organic SEO practices. They know how to rank your website high on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you need to attract new business across West Sussex and Hampshire, then you’re going to need a website SEO-optimised specifically for audiences in those regions and the industry you are in. Our SEO team will strategically integrate just the right keywords along with compelling web copy and calls-to-action in the right places, to help you convert leads into customers.

Stunning Web app designs

Your business app is often the first port of call for many customers who want to use your products and/or services. As such, it needs to be very easy-to-use and cleverly incorporate your branding as well as messaging.

Our skilled in-house web app designers have years of experience working with businesses of all scales and across nearly all sectors. Based on your target audience and business goals, they will come up with truly stunning web app designs to put you ahead of your competitors, and win the hearts and minds of both your existing audience as well as new prospects.

Website Protection and maintenance

Websites, web applications or any public-facing internet service or resource will always be at risk from would-be hackers and automated “bots” hunting for a system to compromise.


Every organisation will use some sort of firewall to guard their office or remote workers against cyber intrusions. Even then, their website and other online services can be vulnerable.


High Street banks, Government bodies, online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify – all invest millions of pounds each year to keep the bad guys out.


Armournet takes this very seriously and provides protection that prevents your website’s content being visible from any point on the internet, which is all part of our Secure DNS Management service above.


Many modern websites are created using WordPress, which is popular and sought after content management system (CMS). WordPress is a modular online application that integrates with an enormous number of 3rd party applications known as “plug-ins”. If the version of both WordPress and the plug-ins are not kept updated, they could create vulnerabilities that could be exploited and cause functionality issues, or bring a website down if not regularly updated and maintained.


Armournet provides a fully managed Website Protection and Maintenance service to protect you from these external threats.


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